4-6 hours 

What just happened to my house?

There may be a lot of soot, water and broken windows and doors. The roof might have a part missing and the walls may have collapsed.  The proper extraction of the water and securing of the property is necessary to salvage your personal property and structure.

Your next step should be to find a company that you trust and can feel comfortable hiring to provide the following services necessary to put your life back together. Choosing a company that can provide all the required services can often speed up your recovery.


Property Preservation: Securing your property is essential at this point in order to: protect anything that is left,prevent the elements from creating more damage and prevent anyone from getting injured or into the home.

Mitigation/ Structural Drying: Often after a fire there is plenty of the structure that has been salvaged by the actions of the fire department, but that can also mean that there is an excessive amount of water present in the home. If those areas are not cleaned up and dried immediately then there is a significant risk for secondary damage.

Contents: You will most likely need someone to inventory and pack-out your contents, clean your contents and the structure and make any necessary building repairs.  You need someone that can work with the insurance company and ensure that all of these items are addressed appropriately and the repair scope is accurate.

Repair: The repair of your structure is vital in ensuring an adequate restoration. Knowing the appropriate steps to completely clean the structure is important to prevent future issues.


6 to 24 hours