24 to 48 hours –Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to assess the damage. Depending on the severity of the fire, the first adjuster may be able to create a scope of repair on the home. At this time you can choose a restoration company such as one of our partners, to help you.

48 hours to 2 weeks-The restoration company will finish the pack-out of the contents and the initial debris cleanup.This is a great time to discuss the process and timeline of the restoration. Your insurance company owes you to put your home back to its pre-loss condition, but that doesn’t mean everything you cannot pick out upgrades if you were planning to do them eventually.

2 weeks to 1 month-If everything has gone well to this point–hopefully you should have the initial scope of repair from the insurance company.The scope should also come with a check for the repair–usually made out to you as the property owner and the mortgage company who financed the property.

1-2 months -Mortgage company will require documentation from your contractor. It will vary depending on the mortgage company, but the goal is to ensure that you have hired a qualified and insured contractor.Once the mortgage company has all the required forms and information, they will issue the first check toward the repair.

2-3 months-The first check arrives from the mortgage company for the contractor and the restoration process is officially underway.Appropriate permits are pulled, the structure cleaning is completed

4 months-Demolition has been completed, the structure is clean and the rebuild process is underway.Permit inspections have been completed and approved.Damaged framing or roof decking has been replaced and the plumbing/electrical are most likely in place.The HVAC system has been addressed, framing has probably been sealed and drywall is ready to go back into the home. Depending on the scope of your claim it is possible that the project is at or near the 50% completion mark.

5 months– The drywall is most likely installed, doors and trim are being replaced, painting is close to completion.The restoration company has cabinets ready to be installed, plumbing fixtures are being completed, light switches and covers are installed and flooring is scheduled.

6 monthsCustomer walk-thru takes place and a list of items to be completed is noted by the restoration company. The task list is completed, flooring is installed and final cleaning will take place and the contents will be moved back into the home. You will be able to return home and begin the process of getting back to normal.