Contents Restoration

Contents Restoration

Keys to a successful contents restoration process:

-Know what you own—have an accurate home inventory BEFORE you suffer damage

-Make wise choices—determine what to save and restore and what would be best to replace.

-Contact one of our rē:network partners and allow the professionals to handle everything for you.

-We can help you choose the right restoration company here


Steps of professional contents restoration:

-Complete an inventory of your items (a home inventory list you have previously completed makes this easier!)

-Pack up and storage of your items until your home is ready

-Restoration of items (electronics, textiles, book and documents etc)

-Return of the items to your home


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Why rē?

Rē is a network of the top rēstoration experts in the market. Rē and our network of experts are committed to partnering and assisting you throughout the rēstoration process.