Fire Damage Restoration-Who is going to pay for this?

Fire Damage Restoration-Who is going to pay for this?

As soon as you have had damage to your home, contact one of our rē:network partners will be able to help begin the process of assessing the damage and restoration.

How much will this cost and who will pay for this? 

Estimating the cost to repair or renew items or property is very important and not to be done quickly. The best step to take is to have one of our rē:network partners or the restoration company of your choice come out to the site and give a thorough evaluation of the property

If you have insurance, they may be able to cover the damages. However it is very important to work with your restoration company so they can asses the damages correctly and have them work with the insurance company.


Why rē?

Rē is a network of the top rēstoration experts in the market. Rē and our network of experts are committed to partnering and assisting you throughout the rēstoration process.