Nobody wants water damage to their home, but it happens very frequently. Follow these tips to prevent damage and spending thousands of dollars in repairs. If you have any questions about these please contact one of our partners.


Know where the main water shutoffs are located and how to use them in an emergency or when leaving the home for an extended period of time.

Monitor your water bill- If you see it starting to increase or one that’s suddenly high, you may have a leak.

Repair small leaks- Check refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances before they become a problem.

Monitor the water heater-Over time they begin to rust and eventually leak. Life expectancy of a water heater is around 8-10 years.

Ensure proper water drainage- Clean your gutters. Direct downspouts 5-10’ away from the house.

Be careful where you plant–some trees and plants have invasive roots. Plan well in order to keep roots away from any water lines.

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