During a Fire-What is happening to my house?

During a Fire-What is happening to my house?

What to expect:

Your home may have fire, smoke or water damage. Firefighters may have needed to cut holes in the walls or the roof of the building to look for any hidden flames and let out heat and smoke.

They will most likely have used a lot of water to put out the flames and there might be a lot of damage due to this.

Items that you will want to try to save will need to be carefully cleaned and restored (if possible). It is very important to use extreme caution during this time to prevent further damage to your home and to yourself.

Your home may not be safe to enter so it is best to have professionals take a look at the area. Contact one of our rē:network partners and allow the professionals to handle everything for you. A restoration team will come assess the damage and give you a plan for your home and contents.

Why rē?

Rē is a network of the top rēstoration experts in the market. Rē and our network of experts are committed to partnering and assisting you throughout the rēstoration process.