The Process of Storm Damage Restoration 

No one likes to imagine destruction to their home or belongings. However, disaster can strike at any moment and knowing the process will help you during this time.

Rather than despairing over how you can pick up all the pieces, you need to look for a company that provides complete water damage restoration. A qualified, reputable restoration team from rē:network will return your home and life back to normal.  Contact one of our rē:network partners and allow the professionals to handle everything for you.

Step 1 -Evaluate the Damage

When you first hire a company for water damage repair, they will send qualified inspectors to your home to survey the damage. They will not only look for visible damage to your home and belongings, but will also closely and thoroughly inspect the structure to determine its stability and safety. A quick run-through will never be sufficient, so don’t trust a company that recommends extensive repairs without a thorough inspection.

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