At this point the demo has been completed, the structure is clean and the rebuild process by the restoration company is underway.

Permit inspections have been completed and approved. Maybe the damaged framing or roof decking has been replaced and the plumbing and electrical are likely in place.The HVAC system has been addressed, framing has probably been sealed and drywall is ready to go back into the home.

Depending on the scope of your claim it is possible that the project is at or near the 50% completion mark.

At this point it is time to have a mortgage company inspection completed for another payment on the claim. This process can take a few weeks so ideally the restoration company would like to get this ordered and have it completed at the exact time they are 50% complete to prevents any delays.The check would be cut on the next draw by the mortgage company and that also can take a few weeks. The goal is to keep the project moving with as little disruption as possible.