Pay Attention-The first and best defense in the event of severe weather is awareness.  There are many options for staying up to date on developing weather situations. If flooding threatens, follow weather and news reports so you know how much danger you’re facing. Obey evacuation orders from local authorities.

  • — you can access forecasts and warnings by simply typing in your zip code. Click on the Weather Safety tab to find a collection of resources from the National Weather Service.
  • NOAA Weather Radio — All warnings and watches are issued by the National Weather Service and you can have immediate access for as little as $20.
  • You can program the radio to alert you for your county and the adjacent counties for a bit more lead time on weather headed your way.
  • Local Alerts — Many local TV and radio stations now provide alerts on social media.

There are more tips for identifying your storm and flood risk and preparing for floods at:


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