Create a Home Inventory:

A home inventory provides an account of what you own and it’s value to determine the right amount of insurance coverage. In the event of damage, you will be able to provide the insurance company a list of what has been lost.

Making a home inventory can be as simple as writing or typing up a list of the contents of your home.  Everything including: furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, appliances and even silverware  should all be documented.

Photo or video documentation of your items can be of great value.

Important note: Your inventory should be kept somewhere other than in your home. Keep copies in several locations such as: safe deposit box, office and with a friend/family member.Online inventories are a great option that would be accessible at anytime no matter what condition your home is in. There are quite a few computer programs and apps available as well. See below for some great resources available to help you make a home inventory.

Our rē:network  partners can help you create a home inventory and will be happy to help you with this important step.

Online resources:

Many insurance  carriers have forms and resources available for you to use.

Other resources:


  • Home Inventory by Binary Formations
  • Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database by Tap Zapp Software Inc.
  • Itemizer by Digital2Analog Software Inc.


  • Home Inventory Organizer – SmartWare Inc
  • MyHome Pro: Home Inventory – Access Lane, Inc.

Apps for Apple and Android:

  • Encircle: Home Inventory: This one has a great feature where you take a picture of a room and then label each item in the room
  • III (Insurance Information Institute) Inventory – Know Your Stuff

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Photo credit: Sean Ryan, The Flint Journal